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Just a Normal Ride Home

I could not wait to get back to Maui. I had spent 2.5 weeks on the East Coast, and although I love the area of the country where I was born and raised, my goodness was I glad to be traveling back to paradise. There was only one catch, I needed to secure a ride home from the airport. When I texted my neighbor to ask about taxi services, she did the Maui thing and offered to pick me up. Oh happy day! I landed, and, when I turned my phone on, I noticed a text from my neighbor explaining that, since it was her co-worker's day off, he'd offered to pick me up so she didn't have to leave work early. Hey, whatever works as long as I make it home... am I right? I texted the co-worker and he confirmed he was a few minutes away. When he pulled up to the curb, he hopped out to help me with my bag. I looked down and noticed he didn't have shoes on, but why would he? We were on Maui. When I got into the car, he said, "Do you mind if we go grocery shopping?" "Not

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