Just a Normal Ride Home

I could not wait to get back to Maui. I had spent 2.5 weeks on the East Coast, and although I love the area of the country where I was born and raised, my goodness was I glad to be traveling back to paradise. There was only one catch, I needed to secure a ride home from the airport.

When I texted my neighbor to ask about taxi services, she did the Maui thing and offered to pick me up. Oh happy day! I landed, and, when I turned my phone on, I noticed a text from my neighbor explaining that, since it was her co-worker's day off, he'd offered to pick me up so she didn't have to leave work early. Hey, whatever works as long as I make it home... am I right?

I texted the co-worker and he confirmed he was a few minutes away. When he pulled up to the curb, he hopped out to help me with my bag. I looked down and noticed he didn't have shoes on, but why would he? We were on Maui.

When I got into the car, he said, "Do you mind if we go grocery shopping?" "Not at all. I haven't been here for weeks, so I need to shop as well!" "Great. I have to stop here in town, then at another shop on the way home. Is that ok?" he asked. "Absolutely. It'll be a Grocery Shopping Adventure!" I conceded.

Along our grocery shopping travels, my new friend told me the reason he was shopping was because he caught some fish earlier that day, and was making a fish soup. I mean, how wholesome is that. This man that loves fishing, was making a soup and, along the way, offered to pick a person in need up at the airport. I just loved this!

After leaving the first grocery store, we parked the car at the second shop. As we were crossing the street, my new friend said "I don't think I'm going to make it home. I'm getting hungry!" "You know what? I am as well!" I replied. We decided after shopping we'd grab a bite to eat. This is where the fun started.

After ordering, we started chatting away. At some point my new friend stated "I didn't do it though, because you know, I was making money hustling." "Hustling?" I asked. I then continued, "Like drugs?" "Oh yeah. Like big time drugs." he responded.

This wholesome man who loves fishing, went on to tell me all about how, after high school, he fell in with the wrong people and basically found his way in, and around, some major drug smuggling operations across the Mexico border. In addition, he went on to tell me some pretty crazy stories that happened during his tenure. He then told me how he eventually got out of the game in his early 20s because he recognized some pretty key events that were causing border security to be more strict and he wanted to leave while he was ahead. Needless to say, my jaw was pretty much on the ground by the end of his tale.

After he had finished, he looked at me and said, "I have no idea why I just told you all that."

"Don't worry," I replied. "Random shit like this happens to me all the time."


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