Friends in All Places

I was standing in line to board the plane home after a recent trip to Chicago (which you may remember me telling you about before), when the woman behind me spoke up.

"Are you going on vacation?" she asked me. It was a valid question. After-all, we were boarding a plane to Maui.

"Nope" I responded. "Just heading home."

"Me too", she said.

When I asked her where she lived on the island, she told me she lived on the southern side. We continued making small talk as we got on the plane and moved towards our seats. I looked up for my row number, and finally I saw 22.

I put one bag overhead, and one under the seat, as I settled into the middle section. As I was about to buckle my seat belt, my friend from earlier appeared. Sure enough, she was sitting in the window seat right next to me.

We picked up our conversation right where we left off. During take off, and much of the first few hours of a 6.5 hour flight, we chatted away. She told me all about what brought her to Maui, and about her business, and life, here on the island.

Turns out, on this recent trip, she was on the Mainland visiting children and grandchildren, and was excited to get back to her boyfriend and her own space. She was not, however, excited to have to get back into the swing of things upon return. Hey... I'm just telling you what she told me.

After some chatting, the beverage service came around. My new friend ordered a glass of wine in hopes it would put her to sleep. Her wishes were granted, and it wasn't until several hours later that we picked up talking again.

Finally, it happened. "You know. You should take my number. If you ever need anything on this island, especially if you are in need of renting a condo over near me on the beach... you know for family or friends that are in town, you just call me. You hear?" she said to me. Of course, I couldn't refuse her.

So friends, I have a new contact here on Maui, and if you are ready to come visit, I've got the hook up!


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