Go to Dinner, Meet a Winner

On a recent business trip, I found myself in a hotel bar (I realize the shock of this finding, but this is besides the point). You see, I was in Chicago and had just finished up 2 days of meetings. As I wasn't able to fly out the night on which my meetings concluded (Apparently many airlines don't have frequent flights to Maui, go figure), I was holed up in some fancy hotel near the airport. In need of food, and too exhausted and jet-lagged to walk off site, it was to the bar that I went.

As I was sitting in said bar, a waitress came over to take my order. "How are the beef short ribs?" I asked, well aware the food in the hotel wasn't the greatest. The waitress responded that they were good, so I placed my order. A normal interaction, indeed.

Further, the rest of the meal went by without incident, but when it was coming to a close, I decided to put in an order for a spare glass of wine to take with me to my room. It was when the waitress returned with my glass of wine, that it happened.

It's all a little fuzzy to be honest with you, but before I knew it, said waitress and I were highly engaged in a pretty deep discussion. She told me about her marriage, her schooling, her troubles at work; I simply nodded along while wondering if her other tables needed any attention.

After a solid 15 minutes, we hugged it out, and I headed up to my room with the wine. I can't tell you why people open up to me in this way, but I can tell you that the staff at this particular hotel is NOT particularly nice to each other... and the main manager is an insecure you-know-what as well.

All I wanted was dinner.


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