You Can Go Your Own Way

One day, I was sitting outside with my neighbors enjoying the brilliant Maui Sun. (Yes, I realize it's the same Sun everywhere, but I couldn't resist.) I was leaning back, listening to my 12 year old neighbor talk about how excited she is to go to her friend's birthday party this weekend.

"That's cool", I replied. "Why are you extra excited to go to this particular party?"

"Well, she just has this really huge house. Her parents have a lot of money, and they aren't afraid to spend it. Like, the house is super nice, and they always have fun things to do at the parties." she explained.

"Oh, I see. That's sounds pretty cool." I offered up.

"Yeah. AND she has like 21 pets! Well and, because, you know, her dad is Mick Fleetwood, so... " she stated nonchalantly.

"Oh. Well, yeah, there's that," I conceded.

Yep, my neighbor will definitely be attending a birthday party tomorrow at the home of one of the founders of Fleetwood Mac. Random? Oh yes. But you have to admit... also kind of fitting!


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