A Rare Bird in Texas

Why is it that ordinary people often think they're extraordinary, yet extraordinary people seem genuinely confused to find themselves to be not at all ordinary?

I recently met a rare bird of a woman. Someone so humble and unaware of her rockstar-ness that it makes you want to either cradle-rock protect her from evil people or shake her senseless until she realizes her gift. Let's call her Sammy.

Sammy is 37, drives a pick-up truck the size of a wartime tank loaded with all types of NRA-approved machinery in the car's secret guns compartment, and is a vegetarian in Texas. This last fact alone earns her a gold star in the school of hard knocks as Texas is not known for its kindness to cute cows.

But, that's not all. Sammy is also a PhD in chemical engineering, yet never says no when someone asks her to order lunch for the team or to figure out how that projector works or the distance to the moon and back. She literally never says no. She looks happy to attend to it all. That in itself is extraordinary.

Back to the PhD. She has no debt from all those years in school. How? Well, Sammy, as it turns out, is a Navy officer. She spent years making sure that some Navy ship holding a nuclear bomb didn't blow up on us off-the-coast of Oregon. That's right folks, a nuclear bomb. How do you fix that projector again?

Lest we all assume this is it, Sammy is also a master sharp shooter. We were playing darts one day, and good ole' Sammy was hitting bulls eye. EVERY TIME. Now, we're a few drinks deep here and I'm thinking, beginners luck. We played seven games. How is this possible? Well, as it turns out, they teach you to shoot guns in the Navy, and Sammy here has a knack for aiming at things.

What's most extraordinary is that Sammy is completely unaware of her extraordinary status. She humbly shrugs it all off. Where she comes from (Texas country roads) you just keep your extras to yourself and get on with your life.


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