Move to Maui... Become a Model?

It is a long (but fun!) story, how I ended up living in Maui for a summer, but that is not our focus today. Today I'd like to exemplify the randomness of my life with a different story.

I moved into the house here in Maui about a week back, and several days later, I met my new neighbor. It's important to note the house I'm renting is in a pretty remote part of the Upcountry of Maui... AND it rests within a gated property with 2 other homes. It's a property I've nicknamed The Compound.

Meeting a fellow compound resident was quite a treat, as she also works from home, and is also in the need of friends. Double win! One interesting quality about said neighbor is she's a photographer for a local nature and conservation non-profit. She has also lived on the island for some time. This is, of course, where things get interesting.

In our first (yes, our very first) chat, she offers to show me around the island this summer. An offer which I graciously accepted. However, she then went on to scheme out a plan that involves taking me on some nature shoots, and using me as a model! Yes, somehow I not only scored a house in Maui, but I get to explore the nature of one of the most beautiful islands in the world with an expert photographer who will be documenting the explorations!

So today's Random But Fitting? Simply take the leap by moving alone to Maui and you may find yourself a new profession.


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